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August 5, 2008

Happy 2 years of fandom, Misa!

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I dunno if you guys know this, but I think I’ve been a fan of H!P for almost 2 years now.

It all started at Tintin’s house where she strapped me there and used wushu mind tricks to make me a fan.



Anyways. I thought I’d celebrate this time with a little bit of Yossie. She’s my favorite H!P member, so why not?

I was watching Kanashimi Twilight, and noticed how completely hot she was.

Sorry for the LQ screencaps, but here we go!

The absolutely necessary intro writing

All you japanese peeps might think it says kanashimi twilight morning musume

it actually says “hay guys, yossie looks hot in this video. So watch it.”

Yossie’s in the middle.

It’s not a coincidence because this is her graduation single.

Everyone just loves her (more than Airi) and she gets to be in the middle because of that.

Have you ever seen that guy who like…

pretends he’s using magic to open automatic doors?

Well this isn’t pretend guys. Yossie’s using her REAL telepathic powers to lift up Aichan’s leg.


You’re in the way of Yossie, who is the obvious star of this show.

And she knows it too.

Maybe I should post really bad screencaps of all the members, to make the hot Yossie ones look even hotter.


Thats mean.

I srsly tried and failed to get a good screencap of this one ;-;

LOL SHE MOVED. And Yossie’s like “sup”

She still doesn’t get the whole “star of the show” concept yet.

Okay it sorta looks like her skirt was sized Age 2 here, but I’m not complainin’

god I’m a perv.

Uh, she looks mega hot here 😀

and she’s all :O because she knows it.

Aichan’s all

This is my solo, bitch

and Yossie understood.

She understood.

So she decided to duck, so the fans didn’t get distracted from Aichan.

Too bad it didn’t work,  Aichan D:

Yossie decided to cosplay the girl from the ring.

It did’n’t work for 2 reasons.

1; her hairs too short and

2; she’s too hot.

And this is where we notice that she has a really hot side profile.


Okay Yossie. I’ll come (:

She’s happy cuz I came.

Well we know where mikitty and aichan are trying to look.

But again hot side profile.

They’re still looking.


Mikitty and Takitty are pervs.

I’m not.

Don’t look so sad ;-;

I know Sayumi. Yossie makes a good pillow 😀

You just sleep

in the middle of that music video


Yossiedore is using her yossiemagic to make everyone glow.


Gaki wants to be included.

But she can’t.

Sorry Gaki.

This is a srsly hot screencap.



That’s it. Two years of being a H!P fan. Summer ’06.

It’s been a long time 😀 I’ve never been a fan of ANYTHING this long

Except Harry potter >>;

But Yossie > harry potter


I’m glad I could dedicate this post to her.


August 1, 2008


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I dont have to feel so bent about having a wotacrush on her this time.

Samples from the 2nd gen 10th anniversary:


She made that cake for me.

July 30, 2008

Why do I love Yossie?

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That’s a question I’d probably do better to answer in person.


I’m going to try my hardest to answer this in an understandable way. That’s something I didn’t do in my old blog.

Well, one thing I can honestly say, Yossie has been my longest favorite.

When all of my friends got into Momusu, they’d say “Yoshizawa is my favorite, she’s soooo cool!” and there’s this immature thing going around my friends that if two people favour the same person, one, or both of those people, generally get mad at each other.

Thats possibly half the reason I don’t like anime anymore. That kind of attitude killed my liking.

Anyways, because of that, I kept my liking for Yossie pretty much underkey.

She was not my first favorite in Morning Musume. That was Makoto. But she is certainly my longest.

One thing I absolutely love about her is her originality as an idol.

I’m not generally saying her originality comes from like, her tomboyness, but like..

Her voice; its very deep. It’s not deep like Maimi’s, who has a soft and nice tone to hers.

Yossie has no softness to her voice. She has a singing voice, not a japanese idol voice.

Also, her style has changed so many times over the year. Usually idols pick one style and stick to it, with the exception of Reina.

Yossie’s style went from shy and sweet, to tomboy, to funny tomboy, to stylish funny asian.

I’m not getting my point across well there, but hopefully everyone understands what I mean xD

She also seems different to other idols in the way that she’s not afraid to be herself no matter what.

She also tells it as it is.

This makes her, in my eyes, a perfect idol.


She made an awesome leader.

Possibly the best.

She was such a rolemodel to the members.

Especially Koharu and Mitsui.

Mitsui clung on to her like a lost puppy.

She yelled at Koharu a lot, and as bad as Koharu’s singing may be, she’s a good idol.

Yossie’s yelling got her into shape. Don’t deny it.

Lets think about some of the things she does with the agency,

Her music. Ongaku Gatas.

Concert rehearsal

her futsal team

her TV show(s)


She’s not even stressed either.

That’s completely insane. I get stressed with McDonalds + School + people.

I dunno how she does it.

That’s admirable.

And I don’t really like to comment on it, but the very tragic loss of her brother.

Yet she still gave it her all.

And did I forget to mention how hot she is?

8 year old Yossie

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How come 8 year old Yossie looks like she’s 13 year old Yossie?

I don’t get it.

But adorable, nonetheless.

Sup world.

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Its about time I started dishing out the Yossie love again.

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